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Katie Smith Gurley  recommends Valor Catering and Bakery
December 11, 2018 

Kathy and her wonderful team made both our wedding cake and grooms cake, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled with our choice! Our cakes were both beautifully crafted, and all our guests kept saying it was the best cake they had ever had!

One of my favorite memories from our wedding was after the fact; we had already left and were headed to our honeymoon when we got some texts from our parents that after we left our family and close friends had gathered around what was left of our wedding cake and lifted us up in prayer. Then they each grabbed handfuls of cake and toasted us.

Suffice to say, all our cake was gone!

Kathy made me my dream wedding cake, but she did so much more than that; she made us a gorgeous centerpiece that some of our sweetest memories will include!

Choose Valor Bakery, excellence truly goes before them!

Louanne Kon  recommends Valor Catering and Bakery
August 14, 2018 · 

I have been using Valor Catering for all our needs for several years. Their cakes are excellent. They are true artisans. I would highly recommend to anyone.