​​Valor Cakes

Stacked cakes are difficult to transport and are better off delivered and then assembled on site. 

There is a delivery fee based on distance. 

When picking up your cakes please be sure to have a cool level spot for them to transport in. 

Our shop is located at Highland Lake and although it is a beautiful area is it all hills and curves. 

Fondant, modeling chocolate or special designs will include

an additional charge based on the detail of decorations.

Sheet Cakes
Party Sizes (1x2")

Sheet Cakes

Quarter sheet cake, single layer ~serves 20-­25 $30
Quarter sheet cake, double layer ~serves 35-40 $45
Half sheet cake (11x15), single layer cake ~serves 35-40  $45
Half sheet cake (11x15), double layer cake ~serves 55-60  $75

Round Layer Cakes
Party Size (1x2")

Classic Flavors  - w/buttercream

● Valor Vanilla  (yellow cake)
● Classic White  (wedding white)
● Chocolate
● Truly Lemon

6″ serves 12 – $20
8″ serves 20 – $25
9″ serves 24 – $30
10″ serves 28 – $35
12" serves 40 - $40

Valor Specialty Flavors
● Strawberry
● Red Velvet
● Carrot
● Choc/Peanut Butter
● Triple Chocolate w/Ganache
● Coconut

6″ serves 12 – $25
8″ serves 20 – $35
9″ serves 24 – $40
10″ serves 28 – $45

12" serves 40 - $50

The taste you crave.

The attention you deserve. 

Audie Fallin reviewed Valor Catering and Bakery 

— 5 stars

If I could give Valor more than 5 stars I absolutely would! I wanted a very specific cake for my husband's 30th birthday. Bakery after bakery and every individual I asked (at least 5 or 6) wouldn't touch it. I had almost given up when Valor came through and at a very reasonable cost! When I got there I couldn't believe how great the cake looked! It was even better than the picture I had sent. Everyone was crazy about the cake, it just looked so great! Then came time to cut it, we honestly weren't expecting much, because with how great it looked it would've been fine if it were just 'ok'. But no! Valor delivered again! Hands down one of the absolute best cakes I've ever had, absolutely delicious! I will definitely be using them again and will encourage others to do the same! Thank you Valor! This party wouldn't have been the same without this amazing cake!